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12 December 2012 @ 11:52 pm
alone in Beijing.  
First time in Beijing!!! Alone at that! After coming to Beijing yesterday, it is the first time that I have realised all those things that I had taken for granted, was so precious and temporary. The first moment I stepped into Beijing, I was alone. Everything that I had up until I boarded the airplane for Beijing, was gone. I had no contact with the outside world, no family, no friends, nothing. I never realised how reliant I was on others till I got here. I had to plan and do things for myself. I also had to speak in a foriegn language which luckily I could slightly understand. I always liked to fashion myself as an independent person, but how wrong I was. I was no where near independent, I was just a person who was reliant upon everyone to help me plan for me. As my father said to me when I called him in tears upon arriving in Beijing "Up until yesterday you were treated like a princess, but now you are nothing more then a speck in Beijing who must fight to survive for yourself." Luckily I'm not that insignificant (I hope).
Sorting out uni things have been a pain and finally got hooked up with internet just now. Communicating is extremely difficult as no one speaks any English. My whole dorm is full of Koreans and my roomie is Korean too. She seems nice enough, but still feeling extremely homesick and sad. Every time talk to my parents or Anthony, I start to cry. Sighhhhhhhh :(
On the upside, I was welcomed with the sight of snow this morning! I SAW SNOW FALLING FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! :3photo 2
photo 1
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queen lia.: 路飞; 草帽minutie on December 12th, 2012 02:22 pm (UTC)
hey gorgeous!!! glad to see you alive and well ;) i can't even imagine all the things you have to deal with by yourself rn, so props to you and stay strong! ♥ being thrown head-first into something like this is bound to force you to learn a lot.

that snow looks really beautiful... lucky you! i've only ever seen snow (already accumulated) at the snow mountains back on a primary school excursion, but i've never actually seen snow while it's still falling.

ooh korean roommate? if she doesn't speak much Mandarin/English at least you have some Korean to fall back on in communication haha.

ugh it's almost 1:30 i should go to bed now :(( twas a lovely surprise seeing your face on my f-list hehe. ♥ keep us updated :'DD
thecasserolewatermelon_x3 on December 13th, 2012 08:26 am (UTC)
awww!! i'm sure once you settle in you'll have heaps of fun!
any hot korean guys? hahah time to make some korean friends so they can be ur tour guide if u ever go to korea haha ;) ;)